Tuesday 18 June 2013


Kat Lightfoot returns ... but this time she's fighting a new darkness.

Last Friday I signed the contract with Telos Publishing for my new novella, Kat On A Hot Tin Airship which is the sequel to Zombies At Tiffany's.

To celebrate this forthcoming September 2013 release, you can now buy Zombies At Tiffany's on Kindle.

Amazon UK for only £1.96

Amazon USA for only $3.08

 So help us celebrate this new release and catch up on The Kat Lightfoot Supernatural Mysteries series now!

 Zombies At Tiffany's ...

Kat Lightfoot thought that getting a job at the famed Tiffany’s store in New York would be the end to her problems ... she has money, new friends, and there’s even an inventor working there who develops new weapons from clockwork, and who cuts diamonds with a strange powered light. This is 1862, after all, and such things are the wonder of the age.

But then events take a turn for the worse: men and women wander the streets talking of ‘the darkness’; bodies vanish from morgues across town; and random, bloody attacks on innocent people take place in broad daylight.

Soon Kat and her friends are fighting for their lives against a horde of infected people, with only their wits and ingenuity to help them.
A steampunked story of diamonds, chutzpah, death and horror from the blood-drenched pen of Sam Stone.

Saturday 1 June 2013


I've been asked several times recently when Silent Sand:  Book 5 The Vampire Gene Series would be made available for kindle and here it is!

To buy this from Amazon UK click HERE

To buy from Amazon Dot Com click HERE

"Fast-paced and sexy, SILENT SAND is a stunning fusion of hi-tech thriller and gory folklore. As the action sweeps our vampire anti-heroes from an ancient castle in Wales to Las Vegas, from the court of Louis XV to the sinister military base in the Nevada desert, they stir up horrible secrets that really should remain buried ... What a delight to discover a grown up tale in which vampires are not afraid to be vampires! I devoured it." Freda Warrington.


Secrets can be found in the most unlikely places ...

Lilly thought that her vampire lair under Rhuddlan Castle in North Wales was safe ... until the dangerous fixer Darren Preacher tracked it down.

Gabriele Caccini thought that he knew all about being a vampire, but his life with newly turned lover Anya is sent out of control by the discovery of a new strain of vampirism, one which leaves its victims as ghoulish revenants, shells of the beings they used to be.

And deep in the Nevada desert, Lucy Collins, Gabriele's maker, is undercover, working with the CIA investigating the vampire revenants and what they might mean for humanity.

When preacher brings Gabriele into the CIA base, Lucy fears her cover may be blown, but there is something far more dangerous than vampires hiding beneath the sands of Nevada ... something ancient and vengeful, with an eternal patience and lust for revenge.

Soon, the ancient vampire family will find themselves facing their greatest foe yet, something primal and insidious, and from which they have no protection.