Wednesday 22 December 2010

Reflections on 2010.

This is the time of year when I reflect on the trials, tribulations and successes of the past 12 months. It's been a busy one for me. A new novel out and a story collection written, as well as several other stories for other anthologies in the bag for next year.

On the awards front, I was shortlisted down to five, being the only woman in the final line-up, for the British Fantasy Society Best Novel Award and also a finalist for ForeWord Magazines Book of the Year Awards. Both of these were for the second Vampire Gene novel Futile Flame. The third novel, Demon Dance, has just been confirmed as making the Eligibility List for Welsh Book of the Year for the 2011 awards.

Book sales have been at a record high since September and the launch of Demon Dance. I'm told that this is because readers really like to buy into a series. I had originally sold the Vampire Gene as a trilogy, but having finished the third book, I soon realised that there was in fact more stories about the characters that needed to be written. Therefore Book 4, Hateful Hearts, is now underway and my publisher Terry Martin at The House of Murky Depths has asked for first refusal - which is great because I am writing it with some surety that it will be published.

As well as this, my vampire immortals are now blogging - you can check out their views at Immortal Bloggers!

What's on the horizon for next year?

Well firstly, my story collection, Zombies in New York and Other Bloody Jottings, was sold to Telos Publishing  and will be launched in LA at the end of February and at Waterstones, Trafford Centre, in the UK in March.

There will be a longer, wider spread, tour of Waterstones and several independent bookstores around the UK, Kicking off on 3rd March at Bookmark in Spalding with the Vampire Night.

There is now Vampire Gene/Sam Stone merchandise. These items will be made available to purchase at Gallifrey 2011 in LA in February initially, but will then be accessible from this website or at any of the events I'll be attending. So more details to follow in the new year.

Provisionally, Hateful Hearts, will be published in September 2011. We are aiming, once again, for a FantasyCon launch. But this may be available sooner.

Well, that's my year in view and I hope you'll join me next year on my continuing journey to make the Vampire Gene Series the most successful Dark Fantasy Novels of all time.

Happy Solstice everyone!

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Immortal Bloggers! Have been blogging again.

Last night Caesare Borgia paid me a visit - he picks his times. 3.15am. I was a bit cross, but you have to retain a sense of humour when dealing with vampires - as well as irregular sleeping patterns.

Check out his thoughts and those of all the Vampire Gene Immortals at Immortal Bloggers! 

Sam :)

Thursday 16 December 2010

Vampire Gene Blog Page

After many requests for a 'Vampire Gene' fix, I've set up a new website. This is dedicated to the thoughts and feelings of my Vampires Lilly, Lucrezia, Gabi and Caesare. Over the next few months you're going to hear a lot of their views. You'll even be able to ask them anything you like.

After much blackmail, I've managed to persuade Lucrezia to donate the first blog. She's full of angst and is clearly unwilling, so I'd like you to make her squirm. Ask her anything you'd like. She's contractually obliged to answer (although I can't guarantee she'll tell the truth). If she ignores you, then I'll just have to do what I threatened and tell Gabriele, Lilly and especially Chez, just where she's hiding out. Chez in particular would really like to get his hands on her right now...

Anyway, there will be more to come. I'm hoping by doing this liasion online, they might actually be able to bury their differences.

If you want to check out what Lucrezia thinks today then please head over to the Vampire Gene website which I've subtitled Immortal Bloggers! to learn more.

Anyway, I hope this helps with the long wait till February for Zombies in New York and Other Bloody Jottings, (Telos Publishing - Feb 2011) where you'll learn more about Lucrezia's missing years. Failing that there's another trip into the lives of Gabi, Lilly and Chez in Hateful Hearts. We're aiming for a September 2011 launch if I can finish the first draft by the end of January.

Sam Stone

Saturday 11 December 2010

Final Waterstones Signing for 2010

Don't forget this will be the final opportunity to meet me this year. So if you live near by, I'd love to see you.

Waterstones/ Boston (Lincolnshire)/ Saturday 18th December 2010.
I will be signing copies of The Vampire Gene Series, in this very popular Lincolnshire Store. Free signed photograph with every purchase.
EVENT TIME: 11am-3pm
Address: Waterstones, 18 Pescod Square,Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 6QX. Tel: 01205 360002

But if you can't make this event, but would still like to purchase a signed copy of any or all of the books in the series, then you can order now from Murky Depths.

Don't forget to request a dedication at the time of ordering.

Sam x

Wednesday 8 December 2010

Current Projects and news!

Vampire Gene News
The fourth Vampire Gene book is underway and the provisional title is Hateful Hearts. I've written over 16,000 words in a week and it's looking good. Still a long way off being finished however, but I'm hoping to have a complete first draft by the end on January 2011.

You can purchase the series at a discount direct from The House of Murky Depths for the bargain price of £25. It would make an excellent Christmas present - and if you want them signed don't forget to request this when you order.

Screenplay collaboration
Work is almost completed on a colloboration screenplay that was commisioned - but can't say more than that at the moment I'm afraid. Should be able to tell you early next year.

Zombies in New York and Other Bloody Jottings
The collection is complete with 13 stories and 6 poems. This is an eclectic collection that is available to pre-order from Telos Publishing. Artwork hasn't come in yet for the cover, but I'm hoping to see something soon as this is by the award winning Vincent Chong and I'm equally as excited by the prospect of the interior illustrations by artist Russell Morgan. If you PRE-ORDER your copy before publication you will be among the first to receive your signed copy on publication and prior to the launch in LA in February. So don't delay - order now!

Zombies in New York - Blurb
Something is sapping the energy of the usually robust dancers of the Moulin Rouge … Jack the Ripper’s crimes are investigated by a vampire … zombies roam the streets of New York … Clowns die in mysteriously humorous ways ...

Welcome to the poetic and horrific world of Sam Stone, where a vampire becomes obsessed with a centuries-old werewolf, and Angels are stalking the undead. Walk through the haunting world of the Toymaker and be hypnotised by the Siren's Song.

Thirteen stories of horror and passion and six mythological and erotic poems from the pen of the new Queen of Vampire fiction.

Chick-slash has never been so entertaining!

Other Projects
Other projects at the moment include three planned short stories one of which is already commisioned  - and I'm also working on the synopsis for the first book in a new series of crime stories with a supernatural twist. More to follow on that one as serious work will begin on this project after I complete Hateful Hearts.

More news soon ...