Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Full Fathom Forty

The British Fantasy Society has recently posted the line-up for it's 40th Anniversary Anthology Full Fathom Forty.

The anthology is edited by David J Howe and features 40 stories and poems by some of the best authors in the BFS. Full Fathom Forty is 500 pages long and is available free to all members of the BFS - Join HERE.

Benefits of joining the BFS :
As a member of the BFS I can heartily recommend joining. If you are an aspiring writer its a great way to get to meet editors, agents, publishers and other writers. You can also submit your writing to be included in the journals.

If you are a fan of Horror, Fantasy and/or Science Fiction then the BFS produces four Journals a year which are packed with short fiction, poetry, reviews, articles and more. These are part of your membership package. If you join today, you'll also qualify for a copy of Full Fathom Forty.

BUY Full Fathom Forty!
However if you don't want to join at this time but still want a copy of the anthology you can purchase it for £15.99 HERE

FULL FATHOM FORTY includes the work of the following authors, in alphabetical order :

Nina Allan, Suzanne Barbieri, Carl Barker, Mike Barrett, Ramsey Campbell, Jonathan Carroll, Adrian Chamberlin, Simon Clark, Raven Dane, Jan Edwards, Murray Ewing, Paul Finch, Christopher Fowler, Matthew Fryer, Stephen Gallagher, Cate Gardner, R B Harkess, Ian Hunter, Wilf Kelleher Jones, Jasper Kent, Joel Lane, Stephen Laws, Mark Lewis, Alison J Littlewood, Steve Lockley, Graham Masterton, Peter Mark May, Geoff Nelder, Kim Newman, Stan Nicholls, Martin Owton, Cas Peace, John Llewellyn, Probert, Tina Rath, Steven Savile, Robert Shearman, Jim Steel, Sam Stone, Deborah Walker, Conrad William

And I'm sure you recognise quite a few of those names!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Hateful Heart and Vampire Gene Trilogy Relaunch

Take a look at the cover of my latest book 'Hateful Heart' - due for release September 2011.

Hateful Heart

Lilly, Gabriele and Caesare's vampiric life at Rhuddlan Castle is disrupted by the arrival of Amalia: a new vampire created by Lilly’s one-time companion, Harry. They learn that Harry is dead, killed by some powerful weapon wielded by a mysterious time-traveller known only as Carduth. Realising that their own lives are now in peril, the quartet begin an incredible adventure through time and space. They must track down Carduth, and somehow disable the weapon, before they too succumb to its fatal effect.

Also seeking Carduth are the remnants of the historic order of Knights Templar who have been tracking a mysterious box for many centuries as they covet the power which rests within.

And all the time, the box is travelling, wending its way through time to seek a deadly revenge on the carriers of the vampire gene.

A terrifying adventure of love, loss and betrayal ... death awaits those who feel the powerful embrace of a hateful heart.


Book 1 - The Vampire Gene

To celebrate the launch of the latest book in the series, Muky Depths has given the Vampire Gene Series first 3 books a new look.

Cover artwork by Rick Fairlamb

Book 2 - The Vampire Gene
Book 3- The Vampire Gene