Monday, 23 August 2010

Facebook Friends Finder - What a Pain!!!

Full of a cold today I did that stupid thing of clicking on the Facebook friends finder as it is constantly suggesting I do! I have, I discovered, lots of friends in my inbox (and God only knows how it got in there as I didn't give it my password) that aren't on my facebook list.

I went through, highlighting those who might be interested in joining my page, and left the rest blank.

Much to my surprise Facebook then sent an email to everyone else suggesting they look at my page and telling them to look at my pictures! Which I generally only allow FB friends to view ... *Sigh*

Er ... Facebook! I didn't want the rest of them to receive it! I thought that was the point of having an option to chose by ticking!!! Duh!!!

Why do the powers that be at Facebook keep putting these crappy things up there? It's bad enough that I have to constantly refuse applications without it invading my inbox and spamming my friends and colleagues as well.

Sorry to those of you who received this anyway ... I am seriously thinking of deleting the bloody page ...

Sam x

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