Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Demon Dance Launch at The Asylum.

Well the moment has arrived and Demon Dance is launching next month in Lincoln. 

Join me at The Asylum on Friday evening, 10th September 2010 at The Lawns, Lincoln where Demon Dance, book 3 The Vampire Gene, will be exclusively on sale, prior to the official availability date of 17th September 2010.

I will also be at the convention Friday and Saturday taking part in the programme and will be willing to sign copies of the book. And if you haven't bought the other two, don't worry. Copies of the award winning first novel Killing Kiss (Winner of Silver Award for Best Horror Novel 2007) and Futile Flame (Shortlisted for The BFS Award for Best Novel 2010 - Results announced FantasyCon on 18th September 2010) will also be available to purchase from The House of Murky Depths table throughout the weekend.

So don't be shy! Hurry on down to The Lawns and say hello. And don't forget to dress up!

Sam x

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