Writer, editor, radio host, actress, singer, motivational speaker and educator, with over ten years experience in writing and publishing, agents, book sales and marketing.

PGCE English
MA (Creative Writing)
BA (Hons) English/Writing for Performance

  • Commissioning Editor for Telos Moonrise (An Imprint of Telos Publishing Ltd)
  • Freelance Author/Playwright/Editor
  • Radio Show Host for Siren FM. THE STONE TAPES.
Sam Stone is an award winning prolific writer of genre fiction. Her main passion is horror but her works are often mixed with other genres. She currently has two successful series: The Vampire Gene (hi-tech time-travelling vampire series), The Kat Lightfoot Mysteries (steampunk horror mystery series) and a science fiction fantasy trilogy called The Jinx Chronicles.
Since becoming a professional full time writer in 2008, Sam has written over 40 short stories, 13 novels, three novellas, audios, two screenplays (one currently in production) and a stage play. She has even written two official Sherlock Holmes stories for Constable and Robinson and Titan Books.
Sam is a regular guest at comic cons and conventions in the UK, USA and Canada and is very proactive in the genre community. She often delivers writing workshops at schools, colleges and theatres.


Posing for Picasso, (TBA - 2017)
Jinx Bound - Book 3 ˗ The Jinx Chronicles, (Telos Publishing - TBA 2017)
Jinx Magic - Book 2 - The Jinx Chronicles, (Telos Publishing – May 2016)
Jaded Jewel: Book 6 The Vampire Gene Series (Telos Publishing, May 2016)
Kat of Green Tentacles, (Telos Publishing ˗ Aug 2015)         
Jinx Town - Book 1 - The Jinx Chronicles, (Telos Publishing - Jan 2015)
The Darkness Within - Final Cut, (Telos Publishing - Feb 2014)
Kat On A Hot Tin Airship¸ (Telos Publishing – Aug 2013)
Silent Sand: Book 5 The Vampire Gene Series (The House of Murky Depths – Sept 2012. Republished, Telos Publishing - 2016)
Hateful Heart: Book 4 The Vampire Gene Series (The House of Murky Depths – Sept 2011. Republished, Telos Publishing - 2016)
Demon Dance: Book 3 The Vampire Gene Series (The House of Murky Depths – Sept 2010. Republished, Telos Publishing - 2016)
Futile Flame: Book 2 The Vampire Gene Series (The House of Murky Depths – July 2009. Republished, Telos Publishing - 2016)
Killing Kiss: Book 1 The Vampire Gene Series (The House of Murky Depths – Sept 2008, Republished, Telos Publishing - 2016)

Novels in Translation
Todeskuss: (Killing Kiss) (Verlag Bucheinband lnes Neumann, Germany - Dec 2013)

What’s Dead Pussy Kat, (Telos Publishing, Sept 2014)
The Darkness Within, (AudioGo, Oct 2013) Ebook and Large Print Hardback
Zombies at Tiffany’s, (Telos Publishing – Sept 2012)

Zombies in New York & Other Bloody Jottings (Telos Publishing – Feb 2011)

Freya, The Confessions of Dorian Grey, Audio Play (Big Finish, Nov 2015)
Zombies At Tiffany’s, (Spokenworld Audio, Oct 2013)
The Darkness Within, Novella (AudioGo, Sept 2013) And (Audible, Feb 2014)
Zombies in New York and Other Bloody Jottings, Short Story Collection (AudioGo Oct 2012) and (Audible, Feb 2014)
Walking the Dead, Bonus Short Story in Audio with Zombies in New York, (AudioGo Oct 2012)

Zombies At Tiffany’s, (Under consideration)
Script editor – White Witch of Devil’s End, (Reeltime Pictures, Nov 2014)
Writer – Prologue/The Inheritance, White Witch of Devil’s End, (Reeltime Pictures, Nov 2014)

Stage Plays
Gingerbread House (First showing - TBA)

Short Fiction
The Curse of the Blue Diamond, (Short Fiction Contribution), The Associates of Sherlock Holmes, (Titan Books – 2016 TBA)
Keeping the Faith, (Short Fiction Contribution), The Summer of Lovecraft (Chaosium, TBA)
Tell Me No Lies, (Short Fiction Contribution), Heroes of Red Hook, (Golden Goblin Press – 2016 TBA)
Three Sisters, (Short Fiction Contribution), The Black Room Manuscripts 2, (Sinister Horror Company – May 2016)
Breaking Point, (Short Fiction Contribution), The Return of the Old Ones, (Dark Regions Press, 2016 TBA)
Sacrifice, (Short Fiction Contribution), Through A Mythos Darkly, (PS Publishing, 2016 TBA)
The Gold of Roatán, (Short Fiction Contribution) Dread Shadows in Paradise, (Golden Goblin Press May 2016)
Sabellaed, (Short Fiction Contribution) Night’s Nieces, (Immanion Press, Dec 2015)
The Puppet Master, (Short Fiction Contribution) Edge Of Sundown (Chaosium,)
Survival of the Fittest, (Short Fiction Contribution - with David J Howe) Flesh Like Smoke (April Moon Press, Jul 2015)
Fallout, (Short Fiction Contribution) Atomic Age Cthulhu, (Chaosium, May 2015)
Cecile, (Short Fiction Contribution), Tales from the Female Perspective, (Chinbeard Books, May 2015.
The Curse of Guangxu, (Short Fiction Contribution) The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad (Constable and Robinson, April 2015)
Acluaphobia: The Promise, (Short Fiction Contribution) Phobophobias (Western Legends, Dec 2014)
The Book of the Gods, (Short Fiction Contribution), Wicked Women, (Fox Spirit Books, Oct 2014)
The Vessel, (Short Fiction Contribution) The Dark Rites of Cthulhu (April Moon Press, April 2014)
Sonar City, (Short fiction Contribution) Eldritch Chrome (Chaosium, Dec 2013)
The Jealous Sea, (Short Fiction Contribution) Terror Tales of The Seaside, (Gray Friar Press, Oct 2013)
The Last Resort, (Short Fiction Contribution) Fear the Reaper (Crystal Lake Publishing, Oct 2013)
Urban Wolf, ­(Short Fiction Contribution) Demonologia Biblica (Western Legends Publishing, Feb 2013)
Imogen, (Short Fiction Contribution) The Best of British Fantasy 2013, (Salt Publishing, June 2013)
Imogen, (Short Fiction Contribution) Siblings Collection (Hersham Horror, Sept 2012)
Chillers and Breathers, (Short Fiction Contribution) The Hammer Out Book of Ghosts (Fantom Films, Jan 2012)
Immortal Monster, (Short Fiction Contribution) The Hammer Out Book of Ghosts (Fantom Films, Jan 2012)
The Toymaker’s House (Short Fiction Contribution) Full Fathom Forty (British Fantasy Society, Sept 2011)
Walking the Dead (Short Fiction Contribution) BFS Journal Spring 2011 (British Fantasy Society, March 2011)
Fool’s Gold (Short Fiction Contribution) The Bitten Word (NewCon Press – March 2010)


Tanith Lee Tribute, Night’s Nieces, (Immanion Press Nov 2015)
Book Club The Many Colored Land, (SFX Magazine, Issue No 253) Autumn 2014
The Boxes, (Childhood Memory Piece) Welsh Celebrity Ghost Stories (Bradwell Books, Sep 2014)