Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Musician and composer Mr Instrumentalist reveals what inspires his beautiful music.
I am a musician and my main style is funky mellow jazz. I am self taught and my music is a reflection of the sounds I hear when I see different scenes, such as a pretty landscape, a pretty lady, a dirty junkyard (etc). I knew I could create music almost before I could speak as I used to hum tunes. original melodies all the time. 
As you can see by some of the titles of my songs, nature inspires me a lot.  
I am from Houston Texas my musical influences include my mother, who is a huge Mahalia Jackson fan. I listened to a lot of music growing up like Jimmy Reed, Lightning Hopkins Zapp and Roger, James Brown, Genesis. When I hear Genesis, I love the, the older stuff, I love the blending of styles, fast drums and smooth keys on top. 
My first instrument was harmonica, guitar and bass then drums. When I heard the song Cars by Gary Nueman  I knew I wanted to be a keyboard player. 
Though I play everything on my album on keys, my goal is for the music to be authentic. 

I am also a film composer and this is where the authenticity comes in. Composing allows me to leave the boundaries of genre and create whatever emotion the scene is evoking. From classical to big band to hip hop to electronica to blues and country, to me good original music  is good music. 
My current film that I am writing the score to is the George E. Johnson story from Block Starz productions.http://blockstarz.teamelitephoto.com/

Being a cinematographer and video producer/editor and graphic designer event videographer and reporter  
I can take a project from start to finish. My projects always have a certain musicality about them because I am first and foremost a musician.


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