Saturday, 21 July 2012

Two Sam Stones

Recently I have been contacted by several of my readers because they had accidentally purchased books by 'another' Sam Stone on Kindle, only to discover that they weren't mine.

The other writer is male and writes crime fiction I think ...

Anyway, please be aware of this when you search Amazon for any of my titles.

If you're looking for crime then the 'male' Sam Stone is the one you want.

If you're looking for Horror and Fantasy then that's me - and I'm female!

My current titles are as follows and can be purchased in paperback as well as Kindle:

The Vampire Gene Series (Published by: The House of Murky Depths)
Killing Kiss
Futile Flame
Demon Dance
Hateful Heart

Horror Collection
Zombies in New York and Other Bloody Jottings (Telos Publishing)

Forthcoming titles - Paperback only until Sep 2013
Silent Sand (A Vampire Gene Novel) Murky Depths, Sept 2012
Zombies At Tiffany's (Steampunk/Horror Novella) Telos Publishing, Sept 2012

My work also appears in the following anthologies:

Hammer Out Book of Ghosts (Fantom Films) Titles: 'Chillers and Breathers' 'Immortal Monster'
The Bitten Word (NewCon Press) Title: 'Fool's Gold'
Full Fathom Forty, (BFS) Title: The Toymaker's House

Forthcoming Anthologies
Siblings (Hersham Horror, Sept 2012) Title: 'Imogen'
Eldritch Chrome (Chaosium, TBA) Title: 'Sonar City'

I have also never written any self-help, relationship, or religious books.


nilling said...

How on earth could you be mistaken for a man! ;) lol

Sam Stone said...

You would think it difficult to get confused wouldn't you!