Saturday, 7 July 2012


Following my outburst yesterday - about the Governments plans to bring in a bill that will effectively pirate the copyright of creative people - a petition has been raised to show our displeasure.

I don't need to express how important it is that we do not become complacent at this time. Although the government are saying that this bill will help to make 'orphaned materials' available for public consumption, the implication is that a blanket bill on copyright will effectively mean that unless you 'opt out' your works may be 'seized' and sold on to a third party - who will then be able to exploit them in anyway they wish. This might, and probably will, mean that the owner of the materials will not earn anything from this. But presumably the government will.

It has been said to me that merely stating your copyright ownership on your works is enough to protect you (Via a USA copyright lawyer). I am in doubt about this ... it will depend a great deal on the legal jargon used in the bill no doubt. I don't trust these guys - do you?

My feeling is that this may not be the case, and we have to assume that the need to 'opt out' that is being imposed on the bill is being put there as a legal loophole. If you don't opt out for example, but declare copyright on your work, does this mean they can use your complacency against you? Who knows. But much clarification is going to be needed before I'll be convinced that my works are safe.

If you agree, or are worried at all then I urge you to sign this petition. At the very least I would like to see something that protects us put into the bill - without the need to opt out.


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