Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Vampire Gene Series

About the Vampire Gene Series:

The vampire gene series is continuing to evolve with the 'Hateful Heart' recently launched. This is a brief explanation of what the books are really about.

The Vampire Gene Series is a very different type of series. It isn't formulaic and each novel is stylistically different from the last.

Killing Kiss is a classic vampire horror novel and is about the fictional nephew of Guilio Caccini (the man who invented opera). Gabriele travels 400 years through history in search of his soul mate. The main theme : Loneliness - but don't expect angst in this book. Gabriele is a serial killer and makes no apologies for being so. The narrative is told in the present day with flashbacks into the past.

Futile Flame is deceptively horror with a sudden twist into Fantasy and therefore I categorise this novel as Horror/Fantasy. This story sees the journey of Gabriele's maker Lucrezia Borgia. The main theme : Obsession. Shown through the eyes Lucrezia Borgia this story fictionally explores the history of the Borgias. The narrative is told mostly in the past with some present day scenes.

Demon Dance is a portal fantasy with strong horror content in places. Gabriele's vampire child Lilly is thrown back in time and must find a way back to the present day. The main theme : Disempowerment. This is Lilly's story showing how she lives and loves through the centuries. Lilly may be the most powerful vampire, yet she still has to learn that she has no control over destiny.

Hateful Heart continues the theme of portal fantasy with strong horror content. Caesare Borgia tells the story as a conspiracy to destroy carriers of the vampire gene unfolds. Main theme: Vulnerability. For the first time the immortals learn that they can be destroyed. There are three stories interwoven within this novel which all converge to reveal the power of the Hateful Heart.

The series will continue shortly with Silent Sand.

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