Monday, 3 October 2011


Just got back from FantasyCon and will blog more about this later this week. I want to say a huge thanks to every one of my readers who voted for 'Demon Dance' to win The August Derlerth award for Best Novel and for 'Fool's Gold' for Best Short Fiction. I'm completely overwhelmed by your support. Without readers there would be no need for writers and so you are the most important people to me.

It was pointed out to me this weekend that I am now the first woman to win the award for Best Novel in 31 years of the British Fantasy Society's 40 year history. I realise this is a very great honour and I was very proud and very moved (bursting into a blubbering wreck as I received Best Short Fiction).

Thank you all again.

Will blog soon about the wonderful weekend we all had at FantasyCon in Brighton this year.

Sam x

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