Monday, 19 July 2010

Get Frazer Hines Back on TV!

Yesterday I started a campaign with Trudy Messingham to get Frazer Hines back on Doctor Who.

As a huge Who fan myself I've been watching the series and loving every minute of the new Doctor, Matt Smith. I'm not the first to have noticed how very like Patrick Troughton he is. There was some brilliant writing this season - the best in a long time - and all the actors had some great stories to work with.

Frazer Hines has been off our TV screens for quite some time. Some of this was because he was keeping a low profile due to suffering and now overcoming Bowel Cancer. Yesterday, Frazer bravely spoke out about his illness to The Sunday People, opening describing his battle with cancer. It was an inspirational interview and it made me realise how much of an influential personality Frazer is.

But has the industry forgotten this?

His fans haven't. And that's why this campaign has begun. If you want to see Doctor Who's longest serving and much loved companion back in the series then please join us on Facebook... Get Frazer Hines Back on Doctor Who

Other fans have joined the campaign already and a further campaign to Get Frazer Back On Emmerdale has quickly followed suit.
More news to follow!

Sam x

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