Friday, 2 July 2010

Doctor Who - The Big Bang

Wow! What an amazing ending to a superb season of Doctor Who!

This series we've seen a return, in some ways, to the good old days of clear and exciting plotting at the hands of that fabulous writer Steven Moffat.

We've got new characters/companions and the return of River Song.

Highlights for me include the opening The Eleventh Hour (which was a brilliant introduction to the eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory), Vincent and the Doctor(Beautifully emotive and incredibily poignant), The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone two-parter. (After all we love the Angels don't we?), The Lodger (a great insight to how 'unhuman' The Doctor is) And last but not least The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang finale which was just amazing!

Congratulations to Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and the mega adorable Arthur Darvill who has definitely been the dark horse in the series. Who'd have thought we'd begin to love Rory Williams so much?

But let's not forget the beautiful performances by Alex Kingston as River Song - I adore her no nonsense, kick-ass attitude and intriguing ambiguoity. I definitely want to see much more of her in the next series.

Find out more of mine and David J Howe's thoughts about this fantastic conclusion as we chat to Lewis Bailey, Dale Who and Tara Wheeler at The Happiness Patrol.

Can't wait for Christmas now. With Mr Moffatt in charge it's sure to be a rollercoaster ride!

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