Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Recording 'Demon Lover'

Over the summer I've been recording a CD called Demon Lover & Other Eroticisms . This was done with a friend, Singer/Songwriter/Composer Penny Nicholls, whose musical talent helped to create what we think might be a new genre.

Penny Nicholls and I breaking down one of the poems, exploring the meaning, tone and mood prior to the creation of the music.

We call them Mohemes. A Moheme is a poem that is, not just set to music, but is reformed to work with the music. It was a very collaborative and creative process. Yes, the poem came first. Yes the poem can stand alone on the page or be read as it is, but, when we added the music in this unique way - and I don't mean just for ambience, it was CRAFTED to suit the words and the mood - then something very unique happened. The emotion, the tone, the mood and the words all became enhanced.

This was the birth of the Moheme.

One problem I came across, however, is that some of my poems are written in a male voice. So I asked my friend David J Howe to record a couple of these for me. So we had a great deal of fun on that day! Lol!

Here's David recording the CD title poem Demon Lover.

You can hear some of these on my Myspace page (see links on the right). So listen and enjoy. But remember, if you are attending FantasyCon, you'll get a free copy in your membership goodie bag.

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