Thursday, 4 September 2008

Killing Kiss Launch at FantasyCon

I've just had word from my publishers that Killing Kiss will be launched in 2 weeks at FantasyCon.

The launch will be a joint with Telos Publishing and will take place in the DEALERS ROOM BAR on Saturday 20th September at 9.30-10.30am, with free coffee/tea/biscuits with every purchase. This will be a great opportunity to meet up with me and if you buy the book as well, I will happily sign it for you.

There will also be some fantastic non-fiction books by Telos. These include Torchwood, Till Death Us Do Part and Taboo Breakers (film). All of which look fantastic reads. (So bring your wallets!!)

Needless to say, copies of Killing Kiss will be there and available prior to the official release which is at the end of September. (It's only £7.99)

There is however, one drawback, the event is only available to Convention attendees - but you can still sign up and attend on the day. Go to for further information.

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