Thursday, 21 May 2015

Linzi Gold Campaign Update!

The EP, STORYTELLER, is now finished and we are currently working our way through making up all the perks to complete the first campaign.

This has sadly been delayed due to a serious health issue as my fiance, David, had a major heart attack a couple of weeks ago. David is now recovering well, but it did mean that the planned video shoot had to be put back until July. And also, that some of the preparation of perks, that he was using his skills to do have also had to be halted while he recovers.

So far we have copies of the EP, Photographs from the photo shoot, and the prepped artwork of SILVER.

Meanwhile Linzi is completing the artwork for the Lyrics booklet while she prepares for the video shoot.

We have however decided that it would be best to move on with Linzi's Album in the interim, so that the momentum of the Glass/Gold writing partnership is not lost.

This means that we have had to launch another campaign in the hope of raising some further funds towards the cost of the album. Lots of people gave very generously last time and we are hoping that those who can't donate will at least help by spreading the news about the campaign and about Linzi's music.

So donate if you can, but if you can't - then please spread the word. All plays on YouTube help to raise Linzi's profile. Click the link below to see the campaign details.

Donate Now

Thanks so much for your continued help and support!!

Sam Stone

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