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After the very successful launch of JINX TOWN at the Gallifrey One Convention in Los Angeles last weekend (13-15 Feb 2015) the book is now available in the UK. And I will be doing my first official signing in Peterborough this coming Saturday, 28th February at Waterstones. 

All pre-orders have been signed and dispatched, and the first reviews are coming through, which I'm very pleased to say are extremely good. (Check out this one from Starburst Magazine - JINX TOWN REVIEW - to see what reviewer Robin Pierce thinks of the first book in my Jinx Chronicles.)

JINX TOWN has something of a history behind it. I wrote this novel in 2011 when literary agent Dot Lumley first took me on. Under her guidance, I devised the Jinx Chronicles, a three part epic Sci-Fi/Fantasy that contains some gruelling horror, and some strong sexual scenes. Sadly Dot died a while ago after a brave fight with cancer, and I have dedicated the first book to her. She was a lovely lady and I felt she really believed in me and the trilogy.

JINX TOWN is also the first full novel I've had in print since 2012 so it feels like something of a landmark! This is partly due to the length of time it sometimes takes to sell and have published a new book, but also because I have been busy working on many other things since completing it. 

My influences for the novel are many. Over the years I've read a lot of science fiction, fantasy and dystopian novels. John Wyndham's THE CHRYSALIDS; the works of Julian May, for example THE SAGA OF THE EXILES; Ray Bradbury's THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES;  DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? by Philip K Dick and various works by Isaac Asimov.

I have described this book many times as WAR OF THE WORLDS meets LORD OF THE RINGS via MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS. The reason for this is that I present an alien attack that decimates the planet leaving the survivors to struggle for what little existence they can. It is a 'Portal Fantasy' where science and magic are juxtaposed in an exploration of humanity, and a commentary on the male/female struggles which become pronounced. It examines relationships between humans and the aliens as well as men and women and the shift in balance that the 'near-end' brings. After all we may become the most miserable of wretches, but if we still retain our humanity, and care for others, then perhaps all is not lost.

If that interests you then you then you can order the book online, in bookstores, or direct from TELOS PUBLISHING.

It is also available on  Kindle, Nook and Kobo at the links below:





And if you need more convincing - here is the blurb.

A thrilling science fiction/horror novel from award-winning author Sam Stone. The first in The Jinx Chronicles.
Think War of the Worlds meets Lord of the Rings via Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.
Teacher Jasmine Regis’ world is turned upside down when an alien race attacks and devastates the Earth. The Jinx  – named by soldiers who find that Human technology fails during attacks – are a race of savage warriors from elsewhere. They have one agenda: take the women and kill any male who stands in their way.
After saving Andrew, one of the children in her care, Jas has to find refuge in the remnants of the world she once knew. Humanity has almost been wiped out, and those who remain cannot always be trusted: some are feral, displaying savage and monstrous qualities, while others harbour brutal obsessions.
As the world changes around her, Jas soon learns she must disguise who and what she is in order to remain safe. But how can she so effectively turn from male to female? And what dark secret is being kept by the remaining military hiding in their underground base?
Jinx Town is Book 1 of The Jinx Chronicles. It is an epic science fiction portal fantasy with dark horror.

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