Monday, 26 January 2015


The artwork for JINX TOWN is finally here! The cover art is by the fabulous Jim Burns.

The Official Launch
Time: 6pm/ Telos Panel
Address: Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel, 5855 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles.
Date: 14th February 2015

Pre-order here: JINX TOWN 310 PAGE, 6 X9 PAPERBACK.

A thrilling science fiction/horror novel from award-winning author Sam Stone. The first in the Chronicles of the Jinx.

Think War of the Worlds meets Lord of the Rings via Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Teacher Jasmine Regis’ world is turned upside down when an alien race attacks and devastates the Earth. The Jinx  – named by soldiers who find that Human technology fails during attacks – are a race of savage warriors from elsewhere. They have one agenda: take the women and kill any male who stands in their way.

After saving Andrew, one of the children in her care, Jas has to find refuge in the remnants of the world she once knew. Humanity has almost been wiped out, and those who remain cannot always be trusted: some are feral, displaying savage and monstrous qualities, while others harbour brutal obsessions.

As the world changes around her, Jas soon learns she must disguise who and what she is in order to remain safe. But how can she so effectively turn from male to female? And what dark secret is being kept by the remaining military hiding in their underground base?

Jinx Town is Book 1 of The Chronicles of the Jinx. It is an epic science fiction portal fantasy with dark horror.

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