Friday, 23 September 2011

Exciting Times - An Update on the 2011 so far.

As the end to September rapidly approaches I'm forced to reflect on the exciting year I've had so far. With two books out this year beginning with Zombies in New York and Other Bloody Jottings in February and Hateful Heart at the beginning of this month I've been touring the bookstores, attending conventions and generally running up and down the country again.

I was told that it is notoriously difficult to sell collections and was therefore not expecting the success of Zombies. But it is brilliant to be able to say that sales have far exceeded expectation and the collection is almost sold out of its third print run. This book is now being stocked in many Waterstones throughout the country.

Also I've completed a first novel for a new post-apocalyptic trilogy (as yet unsold so more to follow on that). So I'm feeling very productive.

There are some story commissions on the horizon too (to be announced) and my story The Toymaker's House will appear in the British Fantasy Society 40th Anniversary Anthology Full Fathom Forty which will be launched at FantasyCon on Friday 30th September.

I've just attended The Asylum weekend as a guest and it has rapidly become my favourite British convention.

I've been invited to one American convention (Gallifrey) and one British convention (SFX Weekender) with Guest status. Also, David and I have been invited to attend GalaxyFest in Colorado as International Author Guests of Honour. David and I have been confirmed at another American convention as guests for later next year but I can't say more until that is officially announced.

On the writing front I'm currently working on some new synopsis' for future projects. One of which will be the proposal for Silent Sand : the next Vampire Gene novel. Another is a standalone horror novel and there will be more fantasy novels too.

Other news, I've been shortlisted for British Fantasy Award for Best Novel for my third Vampire Gene novel Demon Dance and Best Short Fiction with my alternative Jack the Ripper story Fool's Gold. The awards take place next weekend at FantasyCon. It is a great honour to be shortlisted in these very respected awards.

Book launch at FantasyCon next weekend :
This takes place on Saturday at 11am in Bar Rogue at The Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton. Hateful Heart will be launched jointly with David J Howe's talespinning. Copies of Zombies in New York, as well as the new cover versions of all the Vampire Gene novels, will also be available to purchase. Sadly Murky Depths were unable to secure a table at FantasyCon this year and so this will probably be the only time you will be able to buy the books that weekend. So I please attend at some time during this event if you want to get copies of any of these books.

The rest of this year will see me appearing at more bookstores as the Waterstone's tour for Hateful Heart truly kicks off after FantasyCon.

More information and additional appearances soon ...

Sam x

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