Monday, 18 July 2011

Hateful Heart and Vampire Gene Trilogy Relaunch

Take a look at the cover of my latest book 'Hateful Heart' - due for release September 2011.

Hateful Heart

Lilly, Gabriele and Caesare's vampiric life at Rhuddlan Castle is disrupted by the arrival of Amalia: a new vampire created by Lilly’s one-time companion, Harry. They learn that Harry is dead, killed by some powerful weapon wielded by a mysterious time-traveller known only as Carduth. Realising that their own lives are now in peril, the quartet begin an incredible adventure through time and space. They must track down Carduth, and somehow disable the weapon, before they too succumb to its fatal effect.

Also seeking Carduth are the remnants of the historic order of Knights Templar who have been tracking a mysterious box for many centuries as they covet the power which rests within.

And all the time, the box is travelling, wending its way through time to seek a deadly revenge on the carriers of the vampire gene.

A terrifying adventure of love, loss and betrayal ... death awaits those who feel the powerful embrace of a hateful heart.


Book 1 - The Vampire Gene

To celebrate the launch of the latest book in the series, Muky Depths has given the Vampire Gene Series first 3 books a new look.

Cover artwork by Rick Fairlamb

Book 2 - The Vampire Gene
Book 3- The Vampire Gene

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