Thursday, 16 December 2010

Vampire Gene Blog Page

After many requests for a 'Vampire Gene' fix, I've set up a new website. This is dedicated to the thoughts and feelings of my Vampires Lilly, Lucrezia, Gabi and Caesare. Over the next few months you're going to hear a lot of their views. You'll even be able to ask them anything you like.

After much blackmail, I've managed to persuade Lucrezia to donate the first blog. She's full of angst and is clearly unwilling, so I'd like you to make her squirm. Ask her anything you'd like. She's contractually obliged to answer (although I can't guarantee she'll tell the truth). If she ignores you, then I'll just have to do what I threatened and tell Gabriele, Lilly and especially Chez, just where she's hiding out. Chez in particular would really like to get his hands on her right now...

Anyway, there will be more to come. I'm hoping by doing this liasion online, they might actually be able to bury their differences.

If you want to check out what Lucrezia thinks today then please head over to the Vampire Gene website which I've subtitled Immortal Bloggers! to learn more.

Anyway, I hope this helps with the long wait till February for Zombies in New York and Other Bloody Jottings, (Telos Publishing - Feb 2011) where you'll learn more about Lucrezia's missing years. Failing that there's another trip into the lives of Gabi, Lilly and Chez in Hateful Hearts. We're aiming for a September 2011 launch if I can finish the first draft by the end of January.

Sam Stone

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