Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Thorne Coffin - An appropriate place to stay :)

On our Yeovil trip last weekend we found ourselves staying in a beautiful guest house called 'Thorne Cottage'. David found 'Thorne Cottage' via google as we wanted to stay somewhere convenient for the centre of Yeovil for Waterstones. We didn't know anything about the area, never having been there before, and as with all of these things we booked it hoping it would be okay.

When we arrived, 5.30pm, it was dark, wet and miserable and we found ourselves searching country lanes for the address. As usual the Sat Nav sent us down a lane with no through-road, we came across a barrier, but were able to open it and go through.

We didn't see Thorne Cottage immediately, even though it turned out to be the first on the left through the barrier. As we drove along this dark country lane, we came across a huge manor house called Thorne House.

Eventually we found Thorne Cottage - after ringing the owner, Kath and her husband Bill came out will a torch to direct us in - but already David and I were intriqued by the area.

Thorne Cottage is gorgeous and we were given a warm welcome by the owners. Then shown to our rooms. It turned out we had a wing to ourselves, so David and I had the double room and Frazer was in the single. Within this area we had all the conveniences you could wish for. Our own sitting room with comfy leather chairs and a chaise, tea and Coffee facilities and not one, but two bathrooms. Lovely. Added to this the unexpected bonus of having wifi and sky TV in our rooms. This place was sheer luxury!

The next morning, after a fresh full English breakfast, we went for a walk to look at Thorne House and in daylight we discovered we were in the small village of THORNE COFFIN. You could say this was somewhat appropriate. Thorne Coffin is a very quaint village, with its own parish church - St Andrews - and more spookiness than I've ever seen. I absolutely loved it!

The village of Thorne Coffin itself is made up of large cottages, all varing in size and I've been told used to be occupied by three main families that were farmers some years ago. The surrounding area was then filled by the farm workers. So far this is all I've managed to learn.

We went into the grounds of Thorne House - which is privately owned - and looked around to ask permission to properly examine the exterior of the house and the beautifully maintained lawns. Unfortunately we couldn't get permission but we did manage to take some beautiful pictures of the house nontheless. I think they'd make a fortune if they opened it up to the public, but apparantly it is owned by a corporation. I've since been searching for the history of the house but have so far drawn a blank. If any of you do have information on this stunning stately home, then please let me know.

Needless to say I will be writing a story about Thorne Cottage and Thorne House. Actually I feel a novella coming ...

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