Monday, 20 September 2010

FantasyCon 2010 and BFS Awards

Friday 17th September

Sam Stone and Andrew Hook
Hurried across to Nottingham, hitting heavy traffic to just arrive in time to take part in a panel at 7pm about Small Press Publishers - the gist of which was to explore how there is 'no such thing as small presses only small writers'.
Raven Dane with Andrew and Michelle
from Endaxi

Immediately after the panel I attended Raven Dane's book launch for The Unwise Woman of Fuggis Mire. If you haven't read it I urge you to look it up. It's a hugely entertaining, humourous and intuitive story.

Then, dashed into the quiz, led by my other half, David - where we all began drinking wine and eating chips.

Peter Crowther 'Cinema Futura' Launch

Smiling at David in the lift
on the way to the 'Demon Dance' Launch

At this point it was great to bump into the lovely Jenny Barber, her mum Pat, and the hugely talented Debbie Bennett. I gatecrashed their team - not that I could answer any of the questions. I was promptly joined by the adorable Gard Goldsmith, newly flown in from Boston, USA who was very jetlagged but still managed to answer questions for the team with a great deal of his bubbly humour.

After the quiz we hit the bar - always the favourite haunt of FantasyCon goers - and met up with James Barclay, PS Publishings' Peter and Nikki Crowther, Angry Robot editor Lee Harris and the Gollancz editor Gillian Redfearn. (To name but a few!)

We had a few drinks with friends and thus ended a terrific first evening.

Saturday 18th September.

Opened in the dealers' room where David and I set up to sell some Telos Publishing stock. Here I met up with my publisher Terry Martin from The House of Murky Depths and his wife Liz. Already copies of Killing Kiss, Futile Flame and Demon Dance had been sold. The dealers' room had a real vibe this year, with excellent footfall and more readers buying than I've seen in previous years at this event.

Signing at 'Demon Dance' launch

Demon Dance was launched at 6pm to a full room and what pleased  me, Terry and Liz was that, not only did the launch attract previous readers back to buy the third book in the series, but also new readers were bying the set of books at the special convention rate of £25 for the three.

Straight after the launch was the banquet.

David Howe, Peter Mark May, Kai Savage

Kai Savage, Vikki and Ellie Kayne

David with Gard Goldsmith

Telos Publishing had reserved a table and it was great to sit with our invited friends, Raven Dane, Andrew and Michelle from Endaxi, Friends Ellie and Vicki, Gard Goldsmith, Peter Mark May and new friend Kai Savage.

After the banquet we waited with bated breath as the British Fantasy Awards were read. I was shortlisted for Best Novel with Futile Flame, Telos was shortlisted for Best Small Press, Murky Depths
was shortlisted fror Best Magazine - so we had a lot invested in the night.

David receiving Best Small Press Award for Telos Publishing

Telos Publishing and Murky Depths won in their categories!  So huge congratulations to both of them for this fantastic achievement.

A shocked Terry Martin receiving his award for Best Magazine

I didn't win Best Novel - that honour went to Conrad Williams for his emotive post-apocalyptic novel One. This is a superb novel and much deserved! Well done Connie!

David, Sam and Conrad Williams
The guys try to fit their awards down my cleavage!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for Futile Flame. It was a tremendous honour to be in the shortlist. Thank you so much for all of your support.

Here's the list of winners in all categories - British Fantasy Award Winners. Well done to everyone!

The Winners! Mr Jones kneels for no-one ...

Onwards and upwards - here's to next year ...

Sam x

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