Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Signing Successes!


On 4th July saw David, Terry and I were at Borders, Oxford Street, London.

I arrived to a fabulous welcome from the events manager Mark and I found I had a table on the first floor right in front of the escalators. It was a very good spot. Borders is a massive store; there were thousands of people milling around that day.

We stayed a few hours and sold some books and then later on left a stock of signed copies to be put out on the shelves.

A few days later Mark told me that the stock had almost sold out! So that was a brilliant result.


Last weekend we were in Waterstones in Bury, Lancashire and this was a really surprising venue.

The bookstore is situated in the Union Arcade Mall, in the centre of the relatively small town of Bury. Bury itself has all of the high street shops but it is nevertheless on a very small scale.

Bury is a local venue for me because I lived in the area for most of my life. I did expect some people to turn up to the signing that I knew but nothing could prepare me for the waiting queue when I arrived. Several people said they had heard about the book. One was a teacher from a local high school, who told me that he'd heard his students talking about me and the books and had incidently come across the advertising to say I'd be there. Others told me that friends and relatives had read the first one and had recommended it.

It was terrific to talk to so many charming and interesting people.

We were time tabled in at Waterstones for only an hour but ended up staying a little longer because of the interest.The sales exceeded our expectations. And Waterstones was pleased too. Just before we left the Assistant Manager told me that she thought it was a very successful signing and that it 'had been better than most'. She also invited me to come back when we launch Book 3 - which I most certainly will, because the staff made us feel extremely welcome.

I've always know Bury to be full of lovely people and it was nice to go home and feel so warmly received again.

Here's a selection of other pictures from the event.


Neil Ford said...

Happy to report that I was able to grab a copy of Futile Flame from Borders on Oxford Street. From what I can see it was their last copy.

Hopefully the one on Charing Cross Road will stock some in its stead.

Looking forward to reading the book soon.

- Neil.

Captain Dibbzy said...

I wanted to go to that. I wish I had. Alass. I shall have to wait till the next sineing, and simply order the book from my book shop next time I'm passing that way.

Sam Stone said...

@ Neil Ford. Borders Oxford Street sold out of all of their stock within a few days; it's a shame that they are closing. Signing in WH Smith Kingston very soon. I'll post a blog when I have the date.

@Captain Dibbzy. I'll be in Manchester this Saturday. Will post a blog later today to let you know when and where the event is.

Sam x

Neil Ford said...

Ooh, hopefully I'll be able to make the Kingston event.

- Neil.

Sam Stone said...

I'll have some dates in the next week Neil and I'll let you know.
Sam x

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are so Pretty!!! O.O

On CBR, one member posted his pic with you, and linked your site, I immediately had to check you out! Sry, I know nothing of your work though. :(

But you are definitely on my radar now!! :)

Sam Stone said...

Hi Michael - what's CBR and how do I get a copy of the picture?
Sam x