Monday, 29 June 2009

Katie & Peter Stateside

Ok. I admit it. Sometimes I can't help watching car crash TV.

Last night I couldn't resist the urge to watch Peter Andre and Katie Price (Jordan)battle it out in their stateside show. And what a disaster it is. In fairness to Peter he comes over as a really nice, caring and genuine man. He's struggling to make a sufficient musical comeback, and from what I heard of his new album he will have every opportunity to do so; it's brilliant! The music was heartfelt, evocative and very, very appealing.

But Katie - oh my. A self-confessed negative person. She would drive me completely crazy if I was married to her. She constantly puts Peter down, she's rude, she's cold and she has not even a drop of humour in her entire (skinny to the point of anorexia) body.

Why did he put up with it we ask ourselves? Perhaps it is because he really loved her - as he said; or maybe poor Peter is a masochist. We may never understand this fascination with such an abusive, controlling personality.

But who cares.

The 'whys' and 'wherefores' don't really matter. What matters is that this kind of television show, AKA 'Celebrity reality' is undeniably fascinating for a lot of people. And why? Because we're human and we can't help enjoying other people's misery. Whether it is because you relate it to your own failing relationships or whether you cringe and say, 'thank God, my life is nothing like that.' The average person can feel superior. One thing's for sure this lifestyle is so far removed from the 'norm' we can't really identify with it.

Katie Price is famous for being famous and having a very big (fake) chest. We know this - so what? One thing we mustn't ever do though is under-estimate her. Ms Price is a hard-headed business woman and she doesn't care who gets burnt in her endless attraction to publicity. Couple that with her obviously fake emotions for all around her and you have a ... As one person put it on my Facebook page 'her eyes are like a corpse' - that equates to 'dead' to me.

There are too many differences between Katie and Peter to ever make their relationship work. The first is that Katie only thinks of her own happiness. When dealing with her son, Harvey, Katie often stated her wishes above his. 'Mummy is walking away... Mummy is leaving ... Mummy needs a kiss' It was all about her. And the emotion she displayed was zilch ...

Andre in opposition to this addresses Harvey's needs. 'Bye Harvey ... see you Harvey ... By using Harvey's name, Peter was not making himself the important person. - It wasn't about Andre - it was about Harvey. Unlike his mother who only thinks of herself.

Furthermore, Peter had an evening of friends, family and important people listening to his new album - do you think Jordan played the supportive wife? Hell no. Predictably she whined about being tired,showed only an emotionless interest in his music and promptly fell asleep as he was talking.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned - but this isn't love to me.

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