Monday, 25 May 2009

The Dream

The dream
Was of flying and sometimes
Of crumbling teeth, falling
Like tumbling towers;
A world destroyed.

Freud would have a field day ...

I dreamed of home.
The time before adulthood –
It was time to grow up.
My adult mind remembers the lack
Of responsibility

Yet it still cries out for freedom ...

Now I fly again in dreams:
A supernatural with lead wings,
The enemy almost reaching up
High enough with grabbing claws
As I swoop away.

The old adage that signifies a need to run ...

Children in a classroom,
Not doing what they should
This, at least, I can equate to reality.
The day job. Life.
Fear of losing control.

It’s all so obvious I’m stressed ...

And so, the dream makes my
Perplexed and anxious mind
Create stories, bizarre and confused.
This, to relieve the
strain of thinking.

Or so we are told ...

Sam Stone