Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Progress on Book 2 & 3

Illness and new job has slowed down the progress of my edit of book 2.

Fortunately my editor has allowed me over Christmas to finish it - and then of course he'll want to read and make suggests. Having said that, we're still on target for EasterCon Launch, Bradford in 2009.

I'm still feeling very satisfied with the progress and I'm already making notes and thinking about book 3 a lot; a trip to Stockholm (for research)and a closer look into the history of the Vikings is on the agenda.

I'm often asked where inspiration comes from. Sometimes I can't be more specific than say, a dream I had (the narrative for Book 2 was conceived that way) or occasionally it's the spoken word - a casual remark a friend makes to me. The main character of 'The King' in book 3 was born of such a comment.

So book 3 will feature King Harold of Sweden - but don't expect a safe and predictable vampire story. That's all I'm going to say on the matter.

The genre of 2 & 3 will probably be categorised Horror/Fantasy. Expect more gore, expect more shocks, twists and turns.


I now have three short stories to write for commissions as well as Book 3. So January is going to see me very busy indeed.

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