Friday, 24 October 2008

Sex Sells Recording - NewCon 4 Panel.

Reading before the panel Well here's a nice surprise. Derrick Lakin-Smith sent me a link to his live recording of the 'Sex Sells' panel at Newcon 4.

This features Storm Constantine, Ken Macleod, Ian Watson (moderating), Roberto Quaglia, Allyson Bird and myself.

Apologies in advance for my terrible poetry recital at the beginning. It was freezing in there and I was just shivering the whole time. Partly the problem was that I had a touch of food poisoning and didn't know it; I was out of sorts all day and ended up in bed at 9pm that night because I felt so very ill by then. (But that's enough whining from me about that - and enough excuses).

The panel was very well received and a lot of intelligent and articulate comments were made throughout.

Here's the link if you want to listen.

Sex Sells: But Should We Buy

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