Signed copies of my new supernatural crime thriller, POSINF FOR PICASSO, can now be purchased via PAYPAL.

Please follow the paypal link below to purchase you personalised copy now. And don't forget to let me know what dedication you would like.  


Someone is killing young girls in New York. Horrific murders where the bodies are being
mutilated and parts harvested for unknown reason.

Detective Jake Chandler has a mystery on his hands, and even though there appears to be a connectioto the Russian artist Avgustin Juniper, Juniper himself  seems innocent and as
confused as everyone else as to what is happening. 

So why is Juniper painting all the murdered women, and what is stalking the artist?

Something wants to return … something which was also known to Pablo Picasso …
and only Chandler can stop it.

With endorcements from: 
“A powerful mix of the supernatural with police investigation.” Peter James
“A novel that is dark, disturbing, and utterly tremendous entertainment.” Ken Bruen
“Confidently blends the supernatural and the Gothic with the crime novel. Satisfyingly gruesome;
genuinely spooky.”
Mike Ripley
Stone’s trademark imagination runs riot as the traditional spooky chiller meets hardcase crime head-on. Intriguing, smart and very entertaining.” Paul Finch 

Signed with Postage

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